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:64bit,cpuid,aes,bf,cmac,des,dh,dmac,hmac,md2,md5,mdc2,rc4,rc5,rsa,sha,whirlpool,idea] start@ubuntu:~$ wireshark start@ubuntu:~$ sudo wireshark -i mon0 -w /tmp/traffic [sudo] password for start: Sample packets shown from the packet capture output on the Wireshark window Samples shown in Wireshark window,with DNS Queries My questions are: Why does dnsmasq is set to forward all traffic to the routers DNS? (Using netstat output, I found that dnsmasq is listening on all interfaces) How dnsmasq is forwarding traffic from the router to the clients? Is my application correct? (I do not know if dnsmasq is using the client DNS IP for resolv queries or if it is simply forwarding the request to the router DNS) How can I get the initial request on the clients? Is it possible to analyze this kind of requests on the router to see which clients are making a request? If I start a network scanner I get not only my network traffic but also DNS traffic on the network. (Not a problem, the point is, why is it happening?) A: It doesn't forward all traffic to the router's DNS, it's just a failure mode that causes the router's DNS to be queried, but doesn't indicate that any traffic was actually directed to that DNS server. It's using the hosts file. Either one or the other, the only way to tell which is which is to look at the actual packet. The client will make the request on behalf of the client. If the client needs




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VanDyke SecureCRT V7.1.1.264 X64 Incl Crack Key [TorDigger] Download Pc [Updated]

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